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Pixxbee came to life with the sole purpose of being a weblog about all things photography. We offer the latest in photography reviews, articles and DIY tutorials and will show you everything you need to be a successful photographer and get your photos noticed!

Whether you are an aspiring photographer or a full-time pro, Pixxbee can help you showcase your work and connect with your viewers, fans and potential clients. Can you say "cha-ching"?  We also bring to you the latest and greatest product reviews and tech products in the digital photography and design field.  Our aim is to bring you, the photographer, the tools essential to drive traffic to your website or product. What would you do with out us?  Check back daily on our blog for the newest articles and photography tips.

Our Story

Creator / Blogger behind Pixxbee | The Photographer's Blog ™ -   Follow on Twitter  @Jrthe16

Creator / Blogger behind Pixxbee | The Photographer's Blog™ -Follow on Twitter @Jrthe16

We began Pixxbee in early 2006. The blog was driven by professional photographer and blogger Jason Ruggiero who had a vision like no other. He began to collect information from websites including tutorials and DIY projects.  

After about 3 months of unorganized bookmarks and old broken links, he thought of the wonderful idea of taking all that information and including it into a private weblog. This is where he could organize and update all of his articles. After a short while he was sharing his findings with other photographers and the word was spreading about his blog, which at the time had no name. It was then when he received an email from a young photography student at the University of Illinois who asked for a list of past photography articles he wished to use for a school project. Over the next few weeks Pixxbee was born. And it didn't stop. Today, Pixxbee is an elite player in the digital photography world. We are helping aspiring and professional photographers to get noticed and bring you the latest and greatest in the newest articles and gadget reviews along the way.